NEW COMICS #10 (Nov. 1936)
"Federal Men: The Unknown Enemy Pt. 3"
Art by Joe Shuster


If a dog is sicced on a black man, when that black man is doing nothing but trying to take advantage of what the government says is supposed to be his, then that black man should kill that dog or any two-legged dog who sics the dog on him. — Malcolm X, UC Berkley, Oct 11, 1963

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Yellow, Coldplay






I still don’t get why he was even famous.

Because he was extremely brilliant and talented

Lies. His “art” was trash and ridiculous

I disagree. I appreciate it for what it was. He was brilliant (outside of art, even). I really fuck with the meaning in his art and the fact that you get it just by looking at it. He was a young, conscious, black artistNd his art reflected his social awareness and his black experience. I truly can get with that :p

I think people who say stuff like that get turned off by his recent hype without looking into why people like his work so much.

The CONTENT of his work is mind-blowing. He swallowed history and blackness up, fucked it, spewed it over his discontent for the way the white art world mistreatedn him, then branded the whole image. I mean if you know the story behind Per Capita, or what Hollywood Africans is about, or ever peeped that he’s relaying messages about eurocentric beauty standards by writing things like “Pelo Malo [bad hair]” over nappy-haired images he painted, you’d KNOW.

This gifset, that’s him giving a big fuck-you to those artsy fuckheads who only wanted to use him or his namesake.

Idk, I feel like people who try to shit on him don’t pay attention. You’re not paying attention to his work at all. And you probably just wanted to have a rebel moment. You cannot say he was shit and truly have been looking.

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